Every house and commercial business will undoubtedly have that “old” furniture that either needs to be removed or replaced. Furniture disposal is definitely not something that anyone runs out to go do immediately, as a matter of fact in most cases it is only after becoming an eye sore that most people will actually finally get rid of that tattered and worn out sofa or couch.

mattress removalJunkernots offers furniture removal, including mattresses, love seats and more.Junkernots offers affordable furniture removal or furniture disposal in Denver, making it furniture removal easy and quick. Whether you are looking to remove a kitchen table, sofa, love seat, sectional, coffee table or alike, Junkernots can offer you a quick and easy appointment to remove your furniture in Denver and the Boulder metro areas.

The process is simple, either call or text our local office (303) 974-4475 or simply fill out our quote request form online. Our team at Junkernots will get your estimate to you immediately and once you book your furniture removal project our junk removal team will call you 15 to 30 minutes before arriving to your project.

Once our team has loaded your used furniture, we will bring everything back to our yard to be assessed for possible donations to any one of our preferred charitable organizations or thrift stores. Junkernots is dedicated to repurposing or recycling as many of the items that we pick up as possible.

Furniture Items that we pick up:

Love seats
Sectional Couches
Hide-away Couches
Coffee tables
Kitchen Tables
Commercial furniture

This list is not all inclusive, so if you have a unique piece of furniture and are unsure as to whether or not Junkernots will accept your project, simply call us! For a look at all of the other items that Junkernots picks up, simply call review our junk removal services page or call us.

Denver furniture pick up and removal

Whether you are just moving, spring cleaning or removing junk from a rental property, Junkernots stands ready to help you with your furniture removal project.

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