Upfront Pricing

What is upfront pricing?

junkernots-TEAMJunkernots are always clean cut, professional and reliable.Our customer experience is paramount for return customers, so you can be assured that you will receive a follow up call from the staff at Junkernots to make certain your customer experience was exactly what you had hoped for. It is during this process that we found out a few thingsā€¦ Junkernots customers wanted a place where they could compare pricing against competitors and know that there would no additional items put on their bill.

One customer explained to us that they had been quoted a price for junk removal, and when the company was finished loading up the job, they came with an invoice for a different amount. As a matter of fact it was $500.00 more than the original quote that they had received.

Once we heard that this type of miscommunication was happening, we decided that we needed to roll out our upfront pricing guarantee.
Junkernots guarantee that once you have a written estimate from Junkernots, the final invoice will not be any different than the original estimate.

As a matter of fact, in many cases when we have overestimate a job, our final invoice will come in lower than what we had originally bid. The point of upfront pricing is to make certain that we have transparent communications with our customers and that each customer experience is a positive one.

Should you ever experience anything different than our upfront pricing, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve the situation!