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Junkernots can help you finally get rid of that unwanted junk in your garage, basement or crawlspaceIt is really very simple, customers that are looking for junk removal in Denver come back to Junkernots because they know that when they call on Junkernots, they will get a team of junk removal professionals that are courteous, professional, clean-cut and timely with the project at hand. Not only will they (our customers) receive the most professional and reliable service, but most importantly they are working with a local Colorado company.

Junkernots is dedicated to always doing business with Colorado owned businesses over any other company that is out of the state. Junkernots is definitely a strong member of the local community and by keeping business inside our state we are supporting our own local economy.

Not only is Junkernots locally owned and operated, but it is owned by Colorado natives as well!

Most importantly Junkernots is absolutely committed to responsibly disposing of unwanted junk items regardless of what they are. When Junkernots is called out to remove your unwanted appliances, scrap metal, garbage and junk, that load is not just driven to the landfill. Junkernots goes to great expense to make certain that all of the junk items are segregated and culled out into four major areas:

  1.        “Donateable” Items: These are items that can be given to either charities or homes that can use the furnishing or whatever item was donated. Many items are considered donation worthy such as old furniture, old appliances, old clothing and electronics such as television sets and alike.
  2.        Scrap Metals: Any kind of metal, regardless of its condition can be recycled with the exception of any metal containers that include hazardous chemicals.
  3.        Recyclable Metals: Junkernots makes certain to separate aluminum, copper and other precious metals so that they can be recycled
  4.        Recyclable Landscape Refuse: Junkernots will not take dirt, or tree branches to the landfill. Instead Junkernots always attempts to bring landscape refuse to local landscaping providers that will be able to transform branches, dirt and rock into reusable landscape products.
  5.        Garbage : Probably no explanation needed here; however, any items that cannot be recycled and need to be taken to the landfill go into this category

Junkernots cleaning up a garage for a customer. Junkernots helps with real estate staging, foreclosure clean outsOf course you could do this yourself and save yourself the money; however, if you were to do it yourself you will make a very inefficient run that will definitely cost more time and money than you might think. First off most customers that do have their own trucks, would not want to make the trip back and forth to the landfill and pay the very expensive “minimum yard charge” that most landfills in Denver charge.

Junkernots has the advantage of using oversized trucks so that when we do enter a landfill or similar disposal area, we know that we are paying for the weight that we are dropping off instead of the wretched “yard minimum” which in most cases is around $110.00. So, let’s use an example here…

A customer did this job themselves and reported spending over $800 to complete the job, Junkernots would have completed the project for only $599.00You have a couch to get rid of along with a project televisions set as well as some old branches that you trimmed last spring that have been sitting on the side of the house. So, let’s pretend you have the truck and the 3 or 4 hours it is going to take to load up the truck, head to the landfill, wait in line to dump your load and then head to the landscape yard to dump off your organic waste and lastly head to the local Goodwill to dump off your couch. Loading the truck will probably take you and your friend, spouse or other involuntarily volunteered person about 30 minutes to load, now it is time to head off to the landfill which is 45 minutes away. After that you will need to head to the landscape yard where they can recycle your branches, that is about 30 minutes away. Lastly a stop at Goodwill to drop off the couch about another 30 minute endeavor. So far you have invested 2 hours and 45 minutes and you have not gotten back home yet which is another 30 minutes out. Altogether you have invested 3 hours and 15 minutes into this "small" project and with gas at 10 miles per gallon you have spent about 7.5 gallons or $15.00 in fuel costs along with two yard charges of around $170.00.

What is the point in going over all that?

Well, if you did not already kind of put it together, you would only spend an additional $65.00 with Junkernots and you would have only invested the half hour it would have taken for Junkernots to come out, pick up all of your unwanted materials and take off.

This is exactly why customers who have used Junkernots in the past continue to call back time and time again. As a matter of fact, many of the new customers that we get at Junkernots, have been referrered to us by former customers that we have completed projects for in the past. That just proves that Junkernots is a leader in Denver when it comes to hauling unwanted junk away from your home or business.

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Cost of junk job Denver

Trusting junk removal professionals with your next junk removal project will save you time, money and take a great deal less time. A typical junk project that is a full load costs the average person well over $500.00 just to do it on their own. The pricing above does not include help or labor, with labor a typical job could cost a great deal more than $500.00!