Local Denver Junk Removal Service Costs

Junkernots understands that you have many choices in Denver when it comes to local junk removal services. Ultimately we strive to be transparent about our pricing and we find that many customers shop our competition when looking for junk removal companies in Denver. While Junkernots focuses a great deal of attention on pricing, it is most important to us that our pricing is competitive and that we give the best possible service, the most professional and courteous staff while providing proper disposal of all the trash that we pick up.

Below is a comprehensive cost for junk removal in Denver. You won't find pricing comparisons like this on our competitors websites. As a matter of fact, many of our competitors don't publish their pricing on their website. Things are different at Junkernots, we want to assist our customers in finding the best pricing available.

Load Size            
Pick Up Truck 16 Foot Box Truck Junkernots Junkman Hoarder Squad Junk King College Hunks 800-GotJunk
Min Charge Min Charge $85.00 $59.00 $80.00 $89.00 $119.00 $136.00
1/2 Pick Up Truck 1/8 Load (Minimum Load) $100.00 $109.00 $80.00 $119.00 $154.00 $136.00
1 Pick Up Truck Load 1/4 Load $175.00 $159.00 $150.00 $169.00 $253.00 $276.00
1.5 Pick Up Truck 1/3 Load $190.00 $199.00 $199.00 $219.00 n/a $326.00
2 Pick Up Truck 1/2 Load $245.00 $249.00 $300.00 $289.00 $415.00 $436.00
3 Pick Up Trucks 3/4 Load $390.00 $359.00 $399.00 $399.00 $482.00 $526.00
4 Pick Up Trucks 1 Full Load $499.00 $419.00 $450.00 $499.00 $576.00 $596.00


The cheapest price has been highlighted above. All of the pricing here is as of April 10, 2015. We will continue to update this as we see changes happening. Please contact each company for a correct price. This information was taken from each company's website or from a customer service representative and so it is important to double check the pricing for your specific job.

Junkernots offers very competitive pricing and often times comes in with cheaper pricing when on the job compared to the original quote that was given over the phone. It is imperative to our business that our customers never pay more than what was originally quoted.

Many junk removal services have different prices for removing concrete, dirt, rocks, bricks, plaster and so forth. So in order to put together a solid estimate from each company it is important to contact them directly. This spreadsheet just gives a general idea of pricing between competitors in the Denver Metro Area.

Although Junkernots does not always have the absolute lowest pricing, our customers explain that they reason they return to Junkernots is for the fast and prompt attention that they receive.